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How is Solar PV addressing the challenges of Grids and Flexibility


Solar energy's dominance over fossil fuels in Europe is undeniable, with plans to increase solar capacity from 200 GW to 750 GW by 2030. Despite this promising outlook, challenges loom over electricity grids. SolarPower Europe's Grids and Flexibility Workstream is tackling these obstacles head-on, addressing issues from network codes (Requirements for generators and Demand Response) to electricity market reform. By enhancing grid connections, refining network planning, and integrating flexibility solutions (such as energy storage, demand response, flexible connections and others), they're driving the growth of solar energy across the EU. For the work plan of 2024, this workstream will be also working on hybrid/Collocated PV systems, network tariffs, grid stability, demand response, flexible connections and others. This workshop will intend to present the work done by the summer of 2024 and open the discussion to a bigger audience with a view on the next steps to take. Join the discussions to give your contribution to grid stability and flexibility.


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